Call for Papers

Extended Submission Deadline: June 10, 2005

Fourth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

IJCNLP-05 Workshop

October 14-15, 2005

Jeju Island, Korea

Background and Goals

Growing interest in Chinese Language Processing is leading to the development of resources such as annotated corpora, automatic word segmenters, part-of-speech taggers and parsers. As more resources have become available recently, it is crucial to create a platform that allows easy exchange of information and data and the comparison of different approaches to various NLP tasks. The SIGHAN workshops provide a forum where the latest research in these areas can be shared.

The Second SIGHAN Workshop held in Sapporo with ACL2003 included the First International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff, where 12 systems from Industry and Academia from six countries and regions were evaluated, generating significant interest. The Third SIGHAN Workshop held in Barcelona followed on with wide-ranging technical presentations and began planning a Fourth SIGHAN workshop with a new bakeoff.

IJCNLP-05 in Korea will provide an opportunity to bring together again influential as well as aspiring researchers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan and other interested Chinese language researchers from around the world, to deliberate and interact on a range of NLP issues.

The first day of the workshop will consist of papers on all aspects of Chinese language processing, including but not limited to:

The second half-day of the workshop will present results from the Second International Chinese Segmentation Bakeoff to be held in the summer of 2005. Participants will choose from five training and testing corpora. The bakeoff is being organized by Tom Emerson (Basis Technology, Corp.) and Jianfeng Gao (Microsoft Research). Information, including information on the task, important dates, and submission of working papers will be made available on the SIGHAN website.


A SIGHAN business meeting will discuss lessons learned and future plans.

Important dates: