SIGHAN Bakeoff

Call for Participation

The Third International Chinese Language Processing Bakeoff

Description and Important Dates

1. Introduction

This is the official announcement for the Third International Chinese Language Processing Bakeoff, sponsored by the Special Interest Group for Chinese Language Processing (SIGHAN) of the Association for Computational Linguistics. The bakeoff will occur over the late spring of 2006 and the results will be presented at the 5th SIGHAN Workshop, to be held at ACL-COLING 2006 in Sydney, Australia, July 22-23, 2006.

The first bakeoff, held in 2003 and presented at the 2nd SIGHAN Workshop at ACL 2003 in Sapporo, has become the pre-eminent measure for Chinese word segmentation evaluation and has been cited in numerous papers. The second bakeoff held in 2005 and presented at the 4th SIGHAN Workshop at IJCNLP-05 on Jeju Island, Korea demostrated further progress in this task. In a change from the first two evaluations, the third bakeoff will augment the classic Word Segmentation task with a new Named Entity Recognition task. Corpora from the following organizations will be available for use:

The final details of the segmentation and named entity tagging task will be made available through the registration site which will open March 15, 2006.

Participants are required to submit a short paper describing their system and analyzing their performance, and present a summary at the workshop. The reports will be published in the SIGHAN workshop proceedings.

The language of the workshop is English. Papers must be submitted and presented in English. Note that unlike the workshop proper, there will not be a peer review process on the bakeoff reports.

2. Important Dates

3. Contact Information

The bakeoff is being organized by Gina-Anne Levow of University of Chicago and Olivia Oi Yee Kwong, City University of Hong Kong.

The web page for the competition is:

Questions on the bakeoff should be addressed to Gina-Anne Levow,