SIGHAN, a Special Interest Group of the Association for Computational Linguistics, provides an umbrella for researchers in industry and academia working in various aspects of Chinese Language Processing.

2017-08-15 The 9th SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing (SIGHAN-9) will be held at IJCNLP 2017, December 01, 2017, in Taipei, Taiwan. Papers due September 5, 2017. Bakeoffs also to be held.
2016-05-15 The SIGHAN election had now closed and the slate of candidates has been overwhelmingly approved. Thanks all who participated.
2013-10-18 The 7th SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing (SIGHAN-7) was held in conjunction with IJCNLP2013 on October 14 in Nagoya, Japan. The program and other information may be found at here or Chinese Spelling Check Bakeoff was also held with more than 10 papers presenting results.
2013-1-1 The Second CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing was held December 20-21, 2012 in Tianjin, China. Results for the Chinese Language Processing Bakeoffs in Micro-blog word segmentation, Chinese personal name disambiguation, and parsing were presented.
2011-12-14 The SIGHAN elections have finished, and the new slate of officers (listed below) has been overwhelmingly approved.
2010-9-14 The First CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing was held August 28-29, 2010 in Beijing, China. Results for the Fifth Chinese Language Processing Bakeoff were presented.
2007-8-9 The Fourth SIGHAN bakeoff has been completed. Information is available at the bakeoff site. Results have been reported at the Sixth SIGHAN Workshop.
2005-11-18 The data and results for the 2nd International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff are now available for non-commercial use.
2005-06-02 Subscribe to the low-volume sighan-announce mailing list to keep up-to-date on SIGHAN related news.
2005-06-02 A new open mailing list, SIGHAN-discussion, has been created to foster discussion of CLP issues.

Current Officers
ChairMin ZHANGSuzhou University zhangminmt at hotmail dot com
Vice-Chair/Chair-electNianwen XUEBrandeis Universityxuen at brandeis dot edu
Secretary/Web MasterGina-Anne LEVOWUniversity of Washingtonlevow at uw dot edu
TreasurerLe SUNInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences lesunle at 163 dot com
Information Officers
ChinaWanxiang CheHarbin Institute of Technology
Yang LiuTsinghua University
Hong Kong SARWenjie LIThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
SingaporeYue ZHANGSingapore University of Technology and Design
TaiwanLun-Wei KUAcademia Sinica
Liang-Chih YUYuan Ze University
United StatesVincent NGUniversity of Texas at Dallas

The roles of the officers are laid out in the SIGHAN Constitution.

levow at uw dot edu
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